Just as an ambassador represents his country, and his words and actions shape how others view the country he serves, when you go to a foreign country on a mission trip you are a representative of Jesus Christ Himself. People will form opinions of Christ based on the actions and attitudes they see in you. It is with this in mind that we ask you to carefully consider the code of conduct below. These are areas that we have found vital for communicating a clear message that exalts Christ. They are also extremely important for team unity and a fun experience working together. To apply for a Global Encounters mission team, you must agree to abide by the code of conduct while on the trip. If you have questions about any of these guidelines, please contact us to discuss them.


I will follow the directions and respect the authority of the team leadership, both in my interaction with the team leaders and in my interaction with other team members. My attitude will be one of cheerful and willing team participation.


I will honor God in my friendships. I will maintain personal purity in thoughts, words, and actions. I will also avoid distractions from wholehearted service for the Lord by not using my time of service overseas to develop or pursue a romantic relationship with any member of the team or person I meet within the country where I am serving. I understand that participating, or inviting others to participate, in any sexual act will result in immediate dismissal from the team and return home at my expense.

Team Unity

I commit to building the unity of the team by encouraging others on my team, praying for my fellow team members, refraining from gossip, and speaking directly to a team leader and/or fellow team member when there is a conflict. I will not foster a spirit of complaining in myself or in others. Instead, I will encourage open communication by having honest conversations with the team leaders (or the team as a whole, if appropriate) about challenges and difficulties.

Alcohol, Smoking, and Drugs

I will refrain from substance abuse and/or any type of consumption or use of alcohol, smoking, or illegal drugs while traveling on a Global Encounters trip. I will not bring any of the aforementioned items or instruments with me (normally used prescription medication excluded). I will not encourage its use to other team members or those we are serving.


I will dress in a way that is modest, glorifying to God, and in conformity with the dress guidelines laid out for the trip. If my team leader informs me that something I am wearing is not appropriate and asks me to change, I will comply willingly and without complaint.


I understand that I am committing to uphold the above code of conduct while on the trip. I further understand that if I fail to abide by these guidelines I may be sent home from the ministry trip. In this case I will be responsible for all extra expenses incurred in my travel home and I understand that no refund will be given for whatever part of the mission trip I miss.

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