Fashion Must Haves

  • Bring outfits that are suitable for church.
    You will probably be at church 2x a week.
  • Bring one outfit that you don’t mind using for painting, construction, or other dirty projects.
  • Swimwear
    see dress guidelines for details. Definitely, don’t forget your swimsuit! If you burn easily, bring a t-shirt.
  • Shoes
    you will want tennis shoes or something on the warmer side for San Cristobal. You will want at least one pair of sturdy shoes for hiking through rough areas in the jungle. We recommend heavy-duty sandals that strap onto your feet or trail runners. It rains a lot, you’ll get wet, and it’s humid, so shoes don’t really dry out. Synthetic sandals dry quickly. Leather works but tends to stay wet. Whatever you bring, don’t bring them unless you’ve worn them around your town for at least a week and gotten them wet enough to know whether they give you issues. Flip-flops are nice for showering, but sometimes a bit flimsy for general jungle use. Tennis shoes work if you don’t own hiking sandals. Don’t spend a ton of money on something you won’t use later on.
  • Rain Gear
    you can’t go wrong with a waterproof jacket from North Face, REI, Marmot, Merrell, or Mountain Hardwear. Ponchos are a cheap alternative. You are headed to a rainforest, which means dramatic downpours are likely.
  • Modest Sleepwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Breathable Dirty Clothes Bag (i.e. a pillowcase)
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