Very Handy But Not Required

  • Luggage Locks
    It is a good idea to lock your luggage when you leave it at a host family’s house in the jungle. Make sure they are TSA compatible if you have them on your luggage in the airport.
  • Ziploc/Plastic bags
    great for keeping things organized and dealing with wet gear.
  • Snacks (no fresh fruit or vegetables)
  • Knife (must go in your checked luggage!)
  • Musical InstrumentChildren’s ministry supplies
    — Scissors: for your own use.
    — Skit Props: if you have them, a few wigs, funny glasses, hats, and various props can be fun to use.
    — Craft and game supplies will all be provided
    — Gifts for the Kids:
     if you would like to take along stickers, candy, or other small items to give the kids, you are more than welcome to do so. Please talk with the leaders before handing them out to make sure it won’t cause problems.
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