Very Handy But Not Required

  • Luggage Locks
    It is a good idea to lock your luggage when you leave it at a host family’s house in the jungle. Make sure they are TSA compatible if you have them on your luggage in the airport.
  • Ziploc/Plastic bags
    great for keeping things organized and dealing with wet gear.
  • Snacks (no fresh fruit or vegetables)
  • Knife (must go in your checked luggage!)
  • Musical Instrument
  • Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary
    you can purchase this online from Amazon or download one to your phone, tablet, or computer. If you are going with the smartphone/computer option, make sure it operates without an internet connection.
  • Spanish-English Bible
    Amazon or Christian Book Distributors have Spanish/English Parallel New Testaments or you can download a Spanish Bible to your smartphone. YouVersion has several Spanish options available for download. We recommend Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI).
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