Years ago, as I was praying before bed, I felt God clearly call me to go to Ecuador in the future. At the time the only thing I knew (more like assumed) about the country is that it was by the equator!

Since that time I have prayed about God’s timing in going to Ecuador. When I heard that Global Encounters was going this year I jumped at the opportunity.

Ecuador is an intriguing country with beautiful people. I am thrilled for the opportunity to be immersed in the culture, to learn the language better, and most importantly to be a part of sharing Jesus with the children.

I have worked in children’s ministry a majority of my teen/young adult life. The eagerness that children have to learn about Jesus amazes and excites me. I became a Christian at the age of six and am so thankful for the people around me who continually pointed me towards getting to know Jesus better. Getting to be a part of showing children in Ecuador who Jesus is a privilege and I can’t wait to go for a couple weeks in July!!!

Our team will share the gospel with kids through camps and VBS’s in settings from the beach to the tiny mountain village to the crowded neighborhoods in Quito.

What does missions in Ecuador look like?

With the growth of the national church, many mission organizations have turned their attention elsewhere. While the church is strong and growing, pastors have expressed that they miss the encouragement from the missionaries. They are grateful to work side-by-side with believers from other countries. It reminds them that they are not alone and not forgotten.

One of the most exciting things about working in Ecuador right now is the growth of children’s ministries around the country. Much of this has been spurred on by our team’s host in Ecuador, Pastor Benjamin Contto. He is the children’s pastor at a church in Quito and has mentored the development of children’s ministries in churches all over the country. It’s exciting to be able to work with him and invest in some of these children’s ministries!

However you feel led – whether it is giving monetarily towards the trip, keeping me in your prayers, or sending encouraging notes – thank you! I look forward to sharing with you what God does in Ecuador this summer!

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