Hello! Stephen here…

This summer, I’m traveling with a Global Encounters photography team to the country of Ecuador! With over twelve years of ministry in Ecuador, I’m excited to join the Global Encounters family in all that God is doing in and through them at the equator. Our team will share the gospel with teens through photography classes in camps and VBS’s in settings from the beach to the tiny mountain village to the crowded neighborhoods in Quito.

What does missions in Ecuador look like?

The majority of Ecuadorians are culturally Roman Catholic, mixed with indigenous religious practices in some communities. However, few understand the gospel on a personal level. Protestant missionaries began working in Ecuador in the late 1800’s and for many years saw little response to the gospel. In the last few decades, though, the protestant church has grown dramatically, with many people finding the spiritual answers and personal relationship with God that they didn’t find in the Catholic church.

With the growth of the national church, many mission organizations have turned their attention elsewhere. While the church is strong and growing, pastors have expressed that they miss the encouragement from the missionaries. They are grateful to work side-by-side with believers from other countries. It reminds them that they are not alone and not forgotten.


Most of the team going to Ecuador will be working with the younger kids, but while the rest of the team is running the children’s programs, the photographers will be running simultaneous photography lessons for the older kids. Many of these teens and pre-teens need something extra to draw them in and capture their interest. Photography can bridge that gap. However, they need more than that. They need investment in their lives from adults who will take the time to build friendships and disciple them. Photography provides the platform to accomplish this. An even greater need, though, is for the truth. They need the truth of the Gospel and they need to know how to live God’s truth in their lives in practical ways. They need a relationship with the Savior. Photography is a tool to get this message across. I get to teach photography lessons that will communicate, in very visual ways, the same truths of Scripture that the younger kids are learning through games, crafts, and stories. Through personal stories, and the friendships we build we will give those truths life and meaning.


Why am I going, you ask?

As you know, I love photography, I love traveling, and I love serving the Lord. What better way than to combine my three favorite passions? Please pray for me as I prepare my heart for the trip, and for my time there, that I will always have a servant’s heart, and to be encouraging to others that are around me and the kids I will be teaching.

If you would like to support me financially that would be a great help. The total trip cost, including airfare, should be around $2500-3000. If you are able to help financially; everything is due July 3rd. If not, no problem. God will provide. Prayer will be most appreciated!

Thank you all! Love you all!

Stephen Rudge

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