Romania – Summer 2022. Only God knows the plans He has for each of us; the stories unfolding in our lives are undoubtedly all a part of His grand plan, though we often cannot clearly see the bigger picture. This country has been a part of the story of many people I have encountered over the years, including my sweet sister-in-law, who is one of the team leaders. She was my connection to GE and the trip last year to Zimbabwe – a beautiful, unexpected chapter the Lord wove together! As we saw in Southern Africa, I know the Lord is also at work in Romania, fulfilling His desire for the nations to know and worship Him, the only true Source of life, salvation, joy and satisfaction. While I do not know exactly what role the Lord has for me to play in His global kingdom’s advance, I am thrilled for the opportunity to travel with this team to a needy corner of Europe and participate in these summer ministries.
I’d like to invite you along this journey, too –  this journey of trusting the Lord and looking to Him for provision, protection, health and safety, unity, sanctification, and lasting fruit – and watching how He answers. You can be part of the financial provision, if you’d like; total costs are around $4,000. You’re also welcome to join the email update list to follow our story (send your email address to [email protected]) and walk this journey with us. Thank you so much! May the King of Kings make His grace known and receive the glory He deserves!

Why Romania? 

Why does Romania, the country often considered the most religious in Europe, need missions? Although 86% of the population claim to be Eastern Orthodox or Catholic, only 1-2% would be considered devout. Most just attend church on major holidays and consider that sufficient. Romania had a strong Protestant minority that survived intense persecution during the decades of communist rule, but sadly, many Protestant churches today are mired in the traditions of the past, spending more energy enforcing rules than reaching out to their communities. Very few Romanians have heard a clear gospel presentation even once in their lives.

Every summer a Global Encounters team spends three weeks leading camps and VBS programs for kids and young teens in Romania. Many of the kids who attend are from gypsy communities, the despised minority group in Romania. Many of these kids have received salvation over the years, and some former students have even become volunteers, teaching and leading at camp!

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